Cancellation Policy

Wabash Valley Cabins stands behind our products. Upon notification of a problem we will make every effort to correct damages or defects of the product in a timely manner. We guarantee our response within 24 hours to any issues arising from the transaction. Special Note on Goods Damaged in Shipment. Due to weather and typical wear and tear, Wabash Valley Cabins cannot be held liable for any damages or defects that are discovered after products have been used. Replacement parts may be purchased at the owner’s expense from Wabash Valley Cabins.

Be sure to inspect your cabin as soon as it arrives. If the cabin has been damaged during delivery you must let our delivery drive know while the delivery driver is at your location. Failure to do so will result in additional fees to facilitate return of the damaged goods or damage will be your responsibility to repair. Cabins will NOT be exchanged or returned the day of your delivery.

Cabins can NOT be returned or exchanged after they have been delivered and accepted. These sales are FINAL.

All orders of cabins with Wabash Valley Cabins are considered custom orders and therefore are not refunded if you don't like it once it is delivered.

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